Create Your Own Unique Centerpiece

Unique Wood Candle Centerpiece

Unique Wood Candle Centerpiece

Did you happen to read my last post on how I wrapped my tea light candles with Washi tape and called it hep and classic? If not do check it out here. Anyways I didn't stop there with them . I had been thinking about making a centerpiece for the dining table that isn't visually heavy or cluttering for a while - the gold candles gave me the prefect idea to come up with something simple yet unique.

I found this piece of scrap wood in the shape of an arrow at #Michales ( well no surprise there - I find almost everything from there) and decided to make use of it for my centerpiece.  All I had to do was to paint it black with edges gold ( I would have left it wood or even stained it but spilled some paint over - so had to paint to cover up) .

Unique Wood Candle Centerpiece

Next all I did was to stick a few plain candle holders with E6000 glue on the wood piece and add some left over eucalyptus stems for decoration. Of course the tea lights inside them are my washi covered candle sweet hearts.

Unique Wood Candle Centerpiece

Isn't it unique but simple?  What I love most is the custom holder doesn't involve neither power tools nor a lot of effort. All done well under 30 minutes. A 30 minutes well spent right!

I don't know about you - but I have a small dining table and when I have guests - I have to move my centerpiece away always to make room for plates and bowls - But this one is thin enough and so out of the way that I hope not to have to do that again. And even if I have to I find consolation in that it isn't heavy at all :-) Do you do centerpieces and decorate the dining table? Do you have to move it away like me too?

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  1. This is beautiful!! I love the contrast of the black arrow with the greenery and white candles!

    1. Hey Steph, I thought long and hard if I should stain the wood, color it dark blue - finally decided to go safe and painted it black :-) .