Thursday, April 23, 2015

DIY : Paint Splattered Candle Holders

Candles and candle holders are inevitable part of life. Really? No, not really. But they definitely are good to bring an elegant ambiance to calm and collected evenings and dinner tables. You dont believe me, try lighting a candle by your table while reading or a set of candles together next time you have a family dinner, the mood, the charm is unbelievable. I am not saying this just because the craft for the day is candle holders. I truly enjoy candle lit evenings.

Anyways, this particular DIY craft we are talking about is simple and calls for only readily available supplies. Besides, it is a fun thing to do with kids, that is if you are ready for a bit of mess when they are involved. 

So here we go,



This is an age old technique of creating paint splatters on any surface. I remember doing this from my childhood, my mother showing this to me. It was unbelievably exciting the first time and even now. First gather your supplies - I have used craft paint so that when I am tired of the color, I can just wash off and do a different one.

The next step is to smear the tooth brush with the paint. You have to be careful not to get excess paint on the brush which will result in drips. Only a thin layer of paint on the brush and remember to stop and wipe the brush often to avoid drips.

That's it. You have your paint splattered Candle Holder.

Here, I will leave you with a pretty picture .

Do try it this weekend and let me know your thoughts. Have you got some painting techniques that excites you? Do share so we can try too.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Coffee Table & the Simplest of Ikea Hacks

We had a coffee table, And it was (it is still with me, just not a coffee table anymore) a great table, solid wood, rounded corners, perfect for our little girl who used to be a toddler when we got it. Only thing it lacked was any considerable storage. That combined with the beating it took from the hands of our then toddler is the only reason we had to get a new one.

I searched a lot for a perfect one, considered DIYing a simple one - but it is complicated and slightly outside my DIY skill to have one with a good amount of storage. I have collaborated the options I considered in case you are in the market too. If you want to find the details of these choices, please visit my Pinterest Board here.

Anyways, the budget, the circumstances - we chose the Ikea one. One thing that drew me to it was that it came with a clear glass top. That means easy clean up and awesome opportunity to display some snaps, Akshara's art works etc. That was the idea I used to convince Girish

This table is great as such. There is really no need to tweak this for normal people. But since I fall into the "No rest until Tweaking this" category, I gave it a small twist. It also helps the room to lighten up with all the brown pieces going on there with the sofa, TV console and the corner shelf are all brown. The room couldn't take any more brown surface.

So in comes a gift wrap I have been hoarding from HomeGoods for a while now. It has a textured surface and is much thicker than regular gift wrap. The bark like print looks organic natural to me and it matches the rest of the table so very well. Thus did this tweak come into being.

Supplies :
  • Glass Topped Table
  • Gift Wrap
  • Scissors
  • Double sided Tape

How- To:

It is fairly simple. You find a really awesome gift wrap, contact paper or any paper and cut it to size of the table top and replace the glass top. Tadaa, you have the simplest of the Ikea Hack you ever saw.

Here she/he is in all the glory.

While I love all the pretty styled coffee table I cannot afford it because of my little girl. Our living room is the only gathering place in our house so the table sees a lot of use in terms of reading, writing, games, study, crafts - anything and everything. This table is helpful to tuck away what ever we have on it underneath to clear it. The deep pockets can hold a lot of stuff including our remote  knick knacks & books to Akshara's craft caddy. It is a winner and it is here to stay for a long while.

That concludes this long "short story" of our coffee table. What do you think? Did you hack any of your furniture purchases?

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Quick Fix Art : Fabric & Frame

Before I say anything else, here is a pre-fix : Original art is always the best and invaluable. It has thoughts, sweat and love of a creative heart. So if you have means and provisions always opt for an original.

That said, original art is also expensive. Well hard-work doesn't come cheap, right! Since I am not exponentially creative as far as drawing and painting goes, fueled by my lack of any real budget I go for quick fixes. Because life without any form of art is meaningless.

So here is an easy example of how I make do with what I have in hand. The fabric is what I got from Ikea ages ago - it was in their as-is section and it is only so much as a yard. I got it anyway thinking I will use it as photo backdrop or something. But what actually happened was it stayed in a basket with many such stuff. But it came handy now, so no one loses here.

So here we go,

Supplies :

My frame used to be a well loved one, it had my husband's favorite car pictures as seen here. But the glass broke while handling recently and in our culture the broken glass pieces inside home is a taboo. So I just moved the pics and tucked them away and used the frame for this project.

The steps are fairly simple. You would need to cut down the fabric slightly larger than the frame and staple the fabric to the frame stretching as tightly as possible. The regular stapler wouldn't work, so use an upholstery stapler. The sides are straight forward. It is slightly tricky to get the corners right. You would need to carefully fold the corner as in gift wrapping. That's it.

Your colorful artwork is ready to hang.

I have hung them above TV where we used to have our car pictures. It might not be permanent since it is so easy to switch when I find a prettier more colorful fabric. But cool for a quick fix right!

Do you make quick fix art works too? What are your easy way-out art fixes?

Have a great week ahead,

Friday, April 10, 2015

Some Things, Some Thoughts

Hey All,
How was your week? Ours went smoothly with the school re-opened. There was park, parties, pizzas, shopping and crafty evenings to keep us busy and happy.

And I finished reading Remodelista  a third time. It is a book on home design with mostly neutral and monochromatic spread. Written by Julie Carlson, they have one of the most successful home design websites around - . Although I prefer color happy, vibrant interiors and this one boasts of neutrals I liked the book because of some ingenious solutions for most common issues in home design . Check it out if you have a chance.

And here are a few links I loved from past week for you to devour.

Courtesy : Design Sponge 
This  home tour is seriously "wow". The colors, the character and vintage everything, I am in love.

Do you have an old candle votive laying around? May be you can up-cycle it this way.

Do you have dried flowers and branches in your yard? You can try this on them. Totally free and elegant.

I told you about my clay obsession the other day. This Incense holder is next on my list.

I don't have a bench (can an old coffee table be considered? ) or place for it right now. But if I did have the space, this is probably what I would have done.

Now here is a recipe I am trying next. I am not a "cook" as such. So these trials are pretty big deal for me.

Courtesy : Pazham Pappadam Payasam
So Happy Weekend. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DIY : A Pretty Catch- All Dish

I have a big tub of air dry clay at home almost all the time. Making dishes,vases, beads, necklaces out of them is what I do on un-inspired cloudy days. It is true. Though it doesn't take a ton of creativity, thinking and rethinking about new ways to make them and dress them up makes even my most boring day joyful. If you haven't tried doing something, anything with air dry/polymer clay or even play dough you must.

So here is the first installment. A catch all dish.

Supplies :

  • Air Dry Clay ( I buy Crayola Brand from Michaels)
  • A Bowl ( this is to get the bowl shaped curve for the dish)
  • Knife
  • Paint & Paint brushes
  • Mod Podge
How to :

You start by getting a fist full of clay and then rolling it out with a roller pin slightly bigger than the mouth of the bowl. Now use the bowl as guide to cut out a circle . Now to add a bit of whimsical touch I cut it out to make a flower shape. I used the knife to make some wedges to get it as in flower petals.

Put your flower inside the bowl and set it aside. Next step is the tough one as it involves a day of waiting to get the clay completely dry. If you use polymer clay you are saved with 30 minutes of baking.

Once it is dry, you can sand the edges to make them smooth which I didn't do. Now you can paint the flower in desired color and design. Once the paint dries give a thin coat of Mod Podge to seal off. This gives the dish a shine and durability. You can skip this but since we are using craft paint, there might be chipping alter.

That's it . You have a simple dish to collect your coins, pins, clips, keys - what all you need to catch from disappearing!!

Do you like it or not ! Do let me know. Follow me on Facebook for updates and snippets . See you soon.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Some Things, Some Thoughts

Easter Basket for a little girl, - She loves crafting as much as I do, may be more. So this one has paint, crayons and tape and glitter with a colorful beaded necklace for her.

Loved this home tour from Rue Magazine .Neutrals are not usually my scene, but this home has beautiful vibes. It is a rental home and note the details on the fire place.

This easy to make wood planter is super cool. Check out Bre Purposed for the instructions.

Now, here are some real- naturally dyed eggs . Those colors are amazing. Aren't they?

Ria is my friend, so you might think I am biased. But this cake never left my mind since I saw it. Isn't it an awesome one?

I will leave  that picture for you to devour.

Happy holly weekend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rainbow Easter Eggs & Spring Break

Happy Easter everyone, in advance.

Until this year Easter used to be that time my when Christian friends observed Lent, it always had this pious, calm, minimal aura about it especially when compared to the grandeur of X'Mas. Back in the day even though I never celebrated the festival as such, I loved the calm vibes of the occasion and also the special food preparations our friends brought over .

Fast forward to my motherhood days, Easter has become all about egg decorating, egg hunts, Easter baskets (they should have presents in them!!). Combine it with the spring break and cold weather outside, all my ears could hear these past days were - eggs and Easter. So I gave in and - dyed some eggs, painted some and patiently watched my daughter cutting and gluing - namely decorating eggs. It is a lot of mess and fuss and counting and deep breaths but totally worth it. 

So here is what went down in our abode these past days not necessarily in that order.

Rainbow Eggs with Metallic Effect :

Supplies :

  • Artificial eggs for crafts (Mine was from Michaels - Paper Mache ones)
  • Paint - Regular Acrylic paint in rainbow colors and Silver one for metallic effect
  • Paint brushes
  • Tooth Brush (to spray silver paint for the splattered effect)

That's it - now paint away. Once the basic rainbow colors are painted wait on to dry them well. Now take some silver paint on a plate/tray. Dip the tooth brush (do you save used ones to use them to deep clean tiles,combs etc too?) in the paint to get bristles covered. Hold the egg in hand or set them in carton and rub the bristles gently to get the paint splattered on them. You should stop and check the brush for heavy dips often. This isn't anything new, I am sure most of us have done these tricks in our yester-years. Next step is easy, that is to enjoy the prettiness.

Dyed Eggs, the natural way :

We started our spring break with dyeing some eggs. I decided to go with natural dyeing with kitchen stuff - Beets, Berries, Turmeric, Tea Powder. I found a recipe from Pinterest,  2 Tbs Vinegar/Cup of water with 2 tsp salt and the dyeing agent. Let the ingredients start boiling in a sauce pan, add the eggs and reduce the flame to medium. Slower the cooking pace, better the color. Anyways that was what the sites told me to do.

But this method takes time and patience and a lot of trials and research to get the desired color and texture and of course that many eggs to experiment with. All of which, neither I nor my 4 year old did not have unfortunately, But they weren't as bad as I am making it sound. Do check out Anjana's blog for better experience and expertise here. 

Easy craft with an Egg decorating kit :

I found this small egg decorating kit from Target for $5. I bought it when my little girl couldn't find much of entertainment out of dyeing the eggs which was over-promoted by an over-enthusiastic me. But she loved all the cutting, gluing, taping that the kit offered. You don't really need a ready made kit to do these things but for $5, it wasn't easy to pass up.

So that is our Easter story. I am hoping the already decorated ones will be sufficient to sustain us for another 2 days. Here's to that hope.

How do you celebrate Easter, Do you have this "egg" madness at your homes too?

Wish you a very happy Easter and holidays ahead.

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